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Batten Ballers Gear Up for Beach Volleyball Playoffs

The Batten Ballers braved cold sands tonight, securing a victory over competitor “Notorious D.I.G.” The team had apparently heard about the Ballers’ dexterity and dedication, and opted to forfeit rather than lose face. The Ballers engaged in a scrimmage with another team facing a forfeit competition, and had a great time despite the weather. 


Keanen “Keen Eye” McGonigle, Graham “Cracker” Egan, Kanchana “The Foot” Sthanumurthy, and Elena “I was Just Trying to Help” Weissmann had a great showing this evening. The team learned a lot about generosity (by letting the other team score some points), commitment (by diving for hard-to-reach spikes), and public policy (by discussing outcomes matrices throughout the game). 

Keanen and Graham were an excellent duo in the spiking department, while Kanchana brought some originality to the court through her creative use of feet, knees, and wit. Elena engaged the other team in competitive yet friendly banter, sometimes distracting their captain. Graham’s digs rivaled Keanen’s blocks, and the team really came together as a single unit. 

Playoff schedules will be announced shortly. Go Batten Ballers!


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Batten Ballers Update: Week 1

The Batten Ballers are back in action this season, with teams on both the basketball and volleyball courts. 

The Ballers were offered a last-minute spot off the waitlist for basketball, and managed to make a strong showing despite on 30 minutes notice. The team had some great shots, blocks, and passes, and kept the game tied right until the end, when the Chi Alpha team scored a buzzer shot three-pointer to win the game. The team had a strong court presence, however ragtag the last-minute additions may have been (thanks to all those who happened to be in the AFC and joined our team!). 

On the volleyball court, the Ballers put up a solid fight against the Medical School team. One baller endured a hip burn from a heroic dig to receive a pass, an injury which was immediately diagnosed by the doctors in training on the other side of the net. Every team member improved by the end of the game, and we look forward to many more games with many more faces!

Our basketball team has a week off for the Superbowl, and all team members are encouraged to spend their free time bulking up by enjoying a protein-rich smoothie from the AFC. 

Hope to see many more Battenites out there next week! Volleyball games take place Tuesdays at 7:15, and basketball games resume next Sunday at 6:30.

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