Batten Council Hosts BINGO Marathon at Golden LivingCenter

Last Friday, three Batten students put on their party hats and hosted a two-hour BINGO Bonanza Marathon at the nearby Golden LivingCenter

Dozens of residents enjoyed the emcee abilities of Alex Wallace, Elena Weissmann, and Elizabeth Vranas — members of the first and second year Accelerated MPP cohorts. 

After conducting an in-depth policy analysis about which types of BINGO would yield the highest returns for all stakeholders, the hosts decided to engage the residents in a variety of BINGO games. We played traditional BINGO, blackout BINGO, and even the rare form of four-corners BINGO. An outcomes matrix is available upon request.

Many residents went home with the coveted dollar bill prizes, with at least one promising to buy a McDonald’s milkshake with her earnings. 

Batten Council enjoys a positive working relationship with Golden LivingCenter, and will be back again sometime soon for another high-stakes BINGO Bonanza. Thanks to our volunteers and community partners! 


First-year Accelerated MPP student Elizabeth Vranas calls out the BINGO numbers in a suspenseful game of Blackout BINGO. 



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