Batten Students and Dean Harding De-Stress at Zumba Class





post by Jessica Rizzuto, MPP 2014


This week at the Batten School, finals are in full swing.  Therefore, it was very timely that UVA Aquatics and Fitness Center’s “Twelve Days of Fitness” program featured an event for us yesterday evening.  Dean Harding made a special guest appearance at a Zumba class to encourage our taking a healthy mid-week break from our term papers and presentation prep.  My classmates and I flocked to the free exercise class as quickly and in as large of numbers as we usually flock to free Mellow Mushroom Pizza!  Sandra Menendez, a third-year student in the College studying English Literature, led the Latin/Hip-hop dance class. She had tons of energy and had the whole room singing and sweating from the first song to the last.  We had a great time shaking out our stress, and we discovered the dancing talent of one of our classmates in particular!  Although I’m not sure Dean Harding will be joining us to Zumba again anytime soon, I hope he enjoyed the energy of the class and the experience trying something new!  

Thank you to Dean Harding and to the AFC for putting on such a fun and bonding event for us.  


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