Batten Students Spread Holiday Cheer


post by Elena Weissmann, MPP 2014

With the Holiday Season upon us, Batten students have decided to give back within our community.

Batten Council sponsored a Staff Appreciation day in honor of our hardworking staff members, and invited students to share their thoughts of appreciation. The solarium is now home to a bright and festive board covered in these colorful notes, as a reminder to our community of how thankful we are for the resources our staff members work so hard to keep running smoothly.

Within the Charlottesville community as a whole, Batten students partnered with Madison House’s Holiday Sharing Program to help make the Holiday Season special for a family in need. The program works with the Salvation Army to match local families with sponsor groups from around Grounds.

Batten Council was matched with a family of 4, and successfully exceeded our fundraising goal to brighten the holiday for a mother and her three young daughters. The Batten community raised these funds in record-setting time, and delivered groceries and gifts to Madison House this morning to be given to the family. Our match mother will receive not only enough groceries and Kroger credits to provide nutritious home-cooked meals for the Holiday Season, but also a foot bath/massager and a winter sweater. Her daughters will receive festive winter scarves and art kits for creating bracelets and nail art.

Batten Council extends its thanks once again to our superb staff and faculty, and to our entire community for coming together to spread the Holiday Spirit to our sponsor family.

Happy Holidays!


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