Batten Ballers Secure First Win

The Batten Ballers took to the basketball court this evening, ultimately succeeding in their first matchup of the intramural season.

Tony Lucadamo, Simone Egwu, Elena Weissmann, Saiful Kahn, Vimal Nair, and Luke Handley took a ruffian gang of competitors by storm, quickly topping the charts with a 15 point lead which remained with them throughout the game. 

The Ballers earned their win through some great teamwork, and surely made Frank proud. The final score was 64-43, thanks to the team’s fighting spirit, coordination, and love of policy. Our opponents, “Oneway,” saw the truth that policy is everywhere.

Up next week is a nailbiter against “the Nefarious Souls.” Can the Batten Ballers keep up their intense scoring, passing, and rebounding game? We’ve got a good feeling about this season. Tune in next Sunday!

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