Global Intelligence Forum

This professional development post comes from Luke, MPP post grad 2014.

To complement academics, Batten puts an emphasis on professional development.  Due to my interest in national security and intelligence policy fields, I choose to travel to Dungarvan, Ireland for a mid-internship break to attend the Global Intelligence Forum.  The conference, titled Preparing Intelligence Analysts for the 21st Century, will focus on emerging trends and best practices in analysis needed to deal with the issues of the nearfuture.  It is hosted by Mercyhurst University’s Institute for Intelligence Studies, which is the oldest non-government intelligence training program in the country.  The keynote speakers are Louis Freeh (former FBI director), Rob Wainwright (director of Europol), and Robert Watt (secretary general of Ireland’s department of public expenditure).  The panels will cover the three broad intelligence fields – national security, law enforcement, and business – plus intelligence technologies and intelligence research methods.

Before coming to Dungarvan yesterday, my wife and I spent a couple days sightseeing in and around Dublin.  Our favorite spot was the Wicklow Mountains, with the Guinness Brewery a close second.

Wicklow Mountains - July 2013

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