IM Softball Opening Day 2013

After much hype was spread around during the IM softball pre-season, it was finally time for the Batten Ballers to show the league what they were made of.  On Opening Day 2013, the Ballers matched up against one of their division rivals, Naanstop.   While the Baller’s hearts were in the game, they ended up losing the season opener 9-5. Opening Day 2013

The Ballers started out the game strong, answering Naanstop’s two runs in the bottom of the first.  Although Naanstop had some formidable gloves, they won the game with smart base running and some help from a few errors on the Ballers’ part.

The winning pitcher had some nasty movement on some of his pitches, but that didn’t stop the Ballers from racking up the hits.  Matt, Elena, Nalin, Robert, Pat, Maddie, Max, Michael, Kelly, and Aaron knocked the ball around the park.  While Elena, Nalin, Robert, and Pat shared some RBI’s, the Ballers were unable to string together enough hits to match the nine runs Naanstop posted.   After Matt W, one of the Baller’s rising stars, was pulled after the first inning, a number of relievers – Max, Kelly, and Michael – warmed their arms with some solid performances.

Despite a disappoint loss, the Ballers hit the road full of spirit, ready to seize their first victory next week.

– Post by Aaron Chafetz


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