The Peeple’s Movement

As part of the Washington Post Peeps Diorama Contest, second year MPP students Kathryn Babineau, Solomon Banjo, Kaitlin Brennan, Aaron Chafetz, Katy Lai, Michael Mathias, and Doc McConnell submitted this entry titled “The Peeples Movement,” depicting last summer’s rallies on the Lawn following the ouster of President Teresa Sullivan.


“In the summer of 2012, the University of Virginia’s students, faculty, and staff gathered on the grounds’ historic lawn to protest the removal of President Teresa Sullivan from office. The protest, which focused its attentions on the under-handed removal process spearheaded by the University’s Rector, Helen Dragas, was ultimately successful in restoring Sullivan as President and head of the University. In our peeps version of this moment in UVA history, the two leaders are pictured standing on the rotunda steps, where both gave statements during the summer protests, as students and faculty stand in support of President Sullivan. The people’s president, as some now refer to President Sullivan around UVA grounds, has become the peeple’s president here. Wahoowa!”

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