What are our Batten students thankful for?

Happy Thanksgiving!

We, as Batten students, have a lot to be thankful for –  having a wonderful building all to our own, plenty of food to eat, and having amazing classmates, faculty and staff. We have asked a few Batten students  to reflect on what they are thankful for this holiday season and let us know. Here are are a few of their remarks:

“For the warm and welcoming Batten community who makes it such a joy to be in the program” – Kelly Anderson, Accel ‘13

“Joyful friends who are all so engaged and inspiring” – Elizabeth Brightwell, Accel ‘14

“The amazing admins and my amazing friends who have made me never want to leave UVA” – Addie Bryant, Post Grad ‘13

“Supportive Batten community” – Tara Clark, Post Grad ‘13

“I’m thankful for all my Batten friends that keep me company during late nights at Garrett Hall” – Alex Collins, Accel ‘14

“Having four, intelligent, and delightful roommates that put with my eccentricities and cooking habits…and who all happen to be Batten students” – Patrick Fitzsimmons, Accel ’13

“I am thankful for my family’s love and support that has allowed me to go back to school” – Ammy George, Post Grad ‘13

“I’m thankful for my awesome classmates!” – Kenneth Gillette, Post Grad ’14

“I am thankful for having the opportunity to do anything I want with my life and career and being surrounded by people who support me” – Wesley Malychev, Accel ‘14

“I am thankful for my classmates, sandwiches, and camping. In that order” – Maggie Ray, Post Grad ‘14

“The amazing class of 2014. Good job picking them Howard” – Natasha Reese, Post Grad ‘14

“I am thankful for Batten students who understand my woes, and for Stata – which has saved me hours of my life” – Ryan Singel, Accel ‘14

“Family, friends, health, and having the opportunity to be a Batten student” – Shiv Srikanth, Post Grad ‘14

“Thankful for the opportunity to help others and learn about myself in the process” – Kate Stanley, Post Grad ‘13

“ Friends who make even the bad days fun” – Allie Yudt, Post Grad ‘13

The Batten Blog wishes everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and the best of luck with the rest of their semesters.

-Compiled by Aaron Chafetz

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