Batten Ballers Go Down with a Fight

After ending the regular IM frisbee season 2-1, the Ballers headed into their first postseason game Tuesday night with guns blazing.  Missing some of their hometown heroes (Max, Mindy, Kaycie, Solomon, Luke, Gina, Evan, and Scott), the Baller knew they were going to be under pressure. That didn’t stop the small crew from slowing down.  They went to the Park ready for a fight.

Knowing the Ballers’ plan of attack, IM sports took precautionary measures: they called in the SWAT team.  Despite their two sharp shooters, the Ballers battled long and hard, even with the ominous sky.  Byron and Ismael played unbelievable defense with a number of D’s between them. They had a lot of flow coming from the stack with great cuts and catches by both Kelly’s, Michael, Katy and Kaitlin. Patrick, Ismael and Maddie stepped it up and played some awesome points as handlers.

Taking half 3-2, the Baller looked like they were going to be able to shoot their way out of the Park, to live another day.  However, the SWAT team took the break in play to regroup and amend their tactics.  The Baller, unprepared for this maneuver, took three straight points to the gut.  Within 15 minutes, the skies had opened up and lightning struck.  It was all over. The reigning IM champions fell to defeat.


The Batten Ballers have another shot at glory, however.  They will be playing in the first round of IM football playoffs tonight at the Park at 8pm.

-Post by Aaron Chafetz


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