Batten Fall 2012 Internship Fair

The first internship fair hosted by the Batten School took place last Friday in Garrett Hall. This was a great opportunity for incoming MPP first year and undergraduate students to mingle and learn about past experiences (and hardships) of the internship hunting process from the current second year MPPs. Talking to the first years reminded me of how demanding the entire process was last year. The uncertainty and competitive nature of internship applications make the entire process even more stressful.

As I was sharing my experience with people who stopped at my “booth,” I could not help but reflect on my summer internship experience with the World Wildlife Fund’s Corporate Relations department. I miss working and the luxury of leaving work and having the time to do things that I enjoy – cooking dinner, going to the occasional happy hour after work with the Batten crew in D.C., watching TV, playing ultimate Frisbee games with the summer recreational league that I joined, or simply strolling the city.

Working at WWF in Washington, D.C., was one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever had. Being a “Panda” over the summer further confirmed my interest in working with businesses on sustainability. My coworkers and the executives I was able to meet really inspired me to continue to develop my career in environmental policy and corporate sustainability. I could not have asked for a better summer internship experience, and best of luck to all the first year MPPs in finding an internship that they will love, enjoy, and learn from!

– Post by Katy Lai, MPP’13

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