IM Sports: Week 1 Recap

After its first week back playing IM sports, the Batten Ballers started off the season right with a 1.000 batting average. Last Sunday, the Ballers played flag football against the rag tag RJ’s PLAYAS.  The Ballers won by forfeit since the PLAYAS lacked women, but Kaitlin and Kaycie help field their team so we could play a friendly game (which was lucky since the refs didn’t know any of the rules).  We had three all-star quarterbacks – Alex, Patrick, and Eva – and a great line of receivers.

The Baller’s Frisbee team put up some big numbers last night for a big win.  With Tara (the birthday girl) and cheerleaders on the sideline, Batten was fired up even before the game started.  Scoring the first four points, our squad had a lot of momentum that followed through for the rest of the game.  Scott had some great hucks down field. Ismael had great catch for a score in the second half.  All the girls we had playing (Kelly C, Kelly A, Katy, Maddie, and Kaitlin) bossed out and were tearing up the field with their cuts, helping move the disc down field.  Evan had some awesome grabs. The crowd was roaring when Max skied the lanky guy on the other team for a massive score down field. Even when the other team came within a point of us to bring the score to 4-3, the Ballers stayed focused, leading to a 8-3 victory.

With a few days off for recovery, the Ballers will step it up into high gear when we play our football and Frisbee games next week. Will the Ballers win another IM championship? I think  its in cards, but we’ll keep you updated on how they play out.

Post by Aaron Chafetz


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