IM Sports Update: Batten Goes Ultimate

For good reason, the name “Batten Ballers” weakens the knees and strikes fear into the hearts of any intramural opponent.  The corec ultimate frisbee team is 3-0 after the regular season.  After winning every game by at least 4 points, spirits are almost as high as expectations entering the playoffs.

Although the team is brimming with talent and boasts a very impressive resume of former and current ultimate frisbee players, the team’s success is mostly attributable to its heart, not its skill level.  Our team lays-out and dives more than any other intramural frisbee team that I have ever seen.  We out-work teams, and our strong defense has defined us.

It is important to note that the team is not anchored in the precise handler play of Aaron Chafetz ,Sanjay Choudhuury, and Max West,  in the quickness of Matt Kragie and Drew Pyrak, or in the defensive intensity of Rob Panos and Dave Cates.  Instead, the team is anchored by the women, who are affectionately referred to as the lovely lady ballers.

Don’t let their name fool you.  Colleen McEnearney (whose passion for the game sometimes manifests itself in the form of colorful profanity), Kaitlin Brennan (whose defensive intensity is second to none), Sarah Williamson (who is terrifyingly awesome), Mindy Adnot (whose frisbee experience is invaluable), Maddie Bergner (whose game-face is almost fierce as her spike), and Kelly Anderson (who put the fast in “holy moley she’s fast”) compose the spirit of the team.

The lovely lady ballers and the rest of the boys are thirsting for the 30-team ultimate frisbee playoff bracket, which will undoubtedly bring stronger and more experienced competition.

Post by Nathan Schelble (Acc. ’12)


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