Blooming and Booming

I have never spent a spring on east coast until now. Now, being in the middle of it, I think everyone should spend a spring here. Nevermind the changing color of the leaves in the fall — that was pretty, but it’s nothing compared to the blooms that surprise me everyday to the point where I constantly have my iPhone out snapping pictures and sending them to my grandma.

Besides the blooms, it has been an incredibly busy season at Batten. First, our Congress 101 class had the opportunity to meet with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. He was incredibly candid and sharp.

Our Congress class also spent a day on Capitol Hill where we met with senior staffers, lobbyists, and a Congressman. We talked politics, process, procedure, and they answered questions about anything else we threw at them. All of our meetings were interesting and informative. Our meeting with House Majority Leader Eric Cantor’s office even ended with us scoring a visit to the Speaker’s balcony.

Finally, the Clinton Global Initiative invited a group of Batten students to attend their annual conference  in DC. President Clinton was there all weekend, and Usher made an appearance. Chelsea Clinton moderated a panel. The event ended with Jon Stewart and President Clinton speaking to us for over an hour about development. It was a great event!

Post by Addie Bryant (Grad. ’13)


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