Rotunda Dinner

Last Thursday night, the Batten community celebrated together over good food and fine wine at the annual rotunda dinner. Michael Karlik and Mackenzie Porter presented the Class of 2012’s last will and testament, and Giana Solomon was selected as the class speaker to reflect upon our two years at Batten:

The metaphor of a road trip captures the spirit of the journey and the process that got us here. Often, we are so obsessed with the destination that we neglect to see the process that takes us there, the thrills of the unpredictable journey and the things we learn from both the positive and negative challenges we face along the way. As we look back this evening on a trip that started out with hesitant, tentative steps into the Miller Center, we see just how far we have progressed. It has been a privilege to be a part of this journey especially one which has been imbued with so many wonderful memories. Looking around this room, I see so much passion and intelligence and I am truly honored that such an impressive group of people allowed me to take this ride with them. So, to you all I say thank you and wish you just one thing. A life full of road trips with not only great friends and a worthy destination, but also, and most importantly, a good set of tires to get you there. – Giana Solomon (Acc. ’12)

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