48-Hour Project Underway

At 11 am today, the first year classes hit the ground running on their 48-hour projects. The diverse and provocative prompts include:

  • Teacher pay should be linked to teacher performance
  • The U.S. must protect its strategic interests by supporting a domestic rare-earths industry
  • Should Turkey be admitted into the European Union
  • Fat content in food should be taxed
  • Returning to the gold standard would benefit the US economy
  • Abuse of antibiotics in animal feedlots is endangering lives
  • Prisoners should be automatically paroled at age 85
  • Payday lenders are economic predators and should not be able to charge more than 36% interest
  • The US income tax should be abolished in favor of a flat tax on personal and corporate income
  • “Cadillac” health plans should be taxed
  • The US is under-investing in infrastructure
  • The lopsided distribution of income in the US is harming the competitiveness of the US economy

Good luck to everyone!


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