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DEADLINE: Friday, March 2nd, 11pm

The Virginia Policy Review is currently seeking submissions for its Spring 2012 issue.  This edition will address energy and environmental policy concerns including but not limited to the ethics, health, economic, and political implications of energy. The most relevant issues in this area are uranium mining, fracking, and unconventional fossil fuel extraction. This will be the main focus of the issue, however, we will include submissions about relevant policy issues of regional, domestic or international importance.

We are asking members of the University community to submit their policy papers. These may be papers that have been previously written and you would like to adapt. We accept submissions from students and professors. We also encourage professors to recommend excellent student papers. 

All submissions are due by March 3, 11 pm.  Please send your submissions to virginiapolicyreview@gmail.com. Please email the Editor-in-Chief, Borna Kazerooni atbk4z@virginia.edu if you have any questions.

Thank you, and we look forward to reading and reviewing your submissions to the Virginia Policy Review.

Requirements for Submission

Research Article: These articles are typically longer and reflect some kind of research in a particular policy area of interest.  It can be an empirical analysis of a government program or perhaps a case study of some kind.  They can take a position, make recommendations or suggest specific improvements to a particular program or policy. Length may vary, but they must be no longer than 7000 words.  Please also include an abstract no longer than 250 words and a short biography on each author no longer than 100 words.Comment/Op-ed:  These entries are generally shorter and are intended to reflect different perspectives on a particular issue.  These articles should take a position on a particular topic.  They must be no longer than 2000 words.  Please include a short biography no longer than 100 words on each author(s).


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