Second Semester at Batten

I’m just starting my second semester at Batten … my second semester of grad school. My best friend asked me after my last final in December if I felt more like a “master.” Obviously, it was completely sarcastic but looking back I definitely have learned a lot. I know how to engage someone on the economic wisdom of certain policy interventions. I learned what paternalistic altruism is and why it is important for public policy. I learned how to write a history-based opinion editorial – I always enjoyed reading them, and now I can write a solid one. I met with top officials in the immigration policy world through the podcast series I recorded for my Changing Context of Policy class. Batten sent me to an Edward Tufte workshop on graphical presentations that was amazing. It’s been sort of a whirlwind.

Addie Bryant

I love Charlottesville, too; it’s like nowhere else I have ever lived. I grew up in Texas, participated in Americorps VISTA in Los Angeles, and traveled to El Salvador with the Peace Corps, so it’s a nice change of pace to be in a small town now. It’s also convenient to drive up to DC in two hours, a trip I made several times last semester.

Nerdy as it sounds, I am very excited about this semester. At the Holiday Party last year, I spoke with Dean Warburg about his Congress class. As a super-Hill veteran, he convinced me that my Batten education would be incomplete without his class. I have never had a professor talk me into enrolling in their class before! I am also taking a Spanish-to-English Translation class, working with the Virginia Policy Review, and planning a Batten Council event. Should be a great semester!

Post by Addie Bryant (Grad. ’13)


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