Profile: Accelerated First Year Class

What’s your favorite thing about Batten?

  • The professors are helpful, nice, and interesting. I like how there is a great closeness in Batten between professors and students.
  • The wide range of social and educational events provided by the school to make us feel welcome and become more well-rounded.
  • My classmates; we have such a good time together, and it makes late work nights so much better.
  • Frank the Fish, because I think he represents our character, sense of humor, and charming nature as a school!

What was the most unexpected thing about coming to Batten?

  • How unique everyone’s backgrounds, experiences, and policy interests are.
  • The math. I didn’t expect so much math.
  • The dedication of the students and how our class clicks.
  • How difficult the economics class would be.
  • I really did not anticipate what a huge difference there is between graduate and undergraduate work.
  • How much fun my classes would be!

 Why did you choose the Batten School?

  • Wanted to become more proficient in policy analysis and gain skills I wouldn’t get in my undergraduate major.
  • Strong desire to help others.
  • So I can become the future President of the United States
  • Not only prepares me for a career in public policy, but also gives me the tools to figure out what kind of a career in public policy I’m interested in
  • The excellent admissions event made me realize it was a great, growing program.

What or where is your dream internship/job?

  • The World Bank working on development issues.
  • Capitol Hill working on science policy issues.
  • A start-up political campaign as a policy analyst/strategist.
  • Working for an NGO like Women for Women International.
  • U.S. State Department or a DC-based think tank.

If you could create a new Batten elective, what would it be?

  • The role of technology in shaping public policy.
  • “Running a Political Campaign”
  • Healthcare policy.
  • “Developing and Debunking Arguments”
  • Credits for research positions with a professors.

 Describe the Batten School in three words.

  • Helpful, professional, brave.
  • Young, enthusiastic, supportive.
  • Positive, driven, exciting.
  • Energized, growing, ambitious.
  • Pretty freakin’ awesome.
  • Thoughtful, resourceful, empowering.

Describe your class in three words.

  • Epic, diverse, interesting.
  • Talented, caring, engaged
  • United, excited, inspiring.
  • Harry Potter Experts.
  • Funny, intelligent, wild
  • Passionate, dedicated, brilliant.
  • Loud, determined, silly.

Post compiled by Aaron Chafetz (Acc. ’13) and Mary Drach



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