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Profile: Accelerated First Year Class

What’s your favorite thing about Batten?

  • The professors are helpful, nice, and interesting. I like how there is a great closeness in Batten between professors and students.
  • The wide range of social and educational events provided by the school to make us feel welcome and become more well-rounded.
  • My classmates; we have such a good time together, and it makes late work nights so much better.
  • Frank the Fish, because I think he represents our character, sense of humor, and charming nature as a school!

What was the most unexpected thing about coming to Batten?

  • How unique everyone’s backgrounds, experiences, and policy interests are.
  • The math. I didn’t expect so much math.
  • The dedication of the students and how our class clicks.
  • How difficult the economics class would be.
  • I really did not anticipate what a huge difference there is between graduate and undergraduate work.
  • How much fun my classes would be!

 Why did you choose the Batten School?

  • Wanted to become more proficient in policy analysis and gain skills I wouldn’t get in my undergraduate major.
  • Strong desire to help others.
  • So I can become the future President of the United States
  • Not only prepares me for a career in public policy, but also gives me the tools to figure out what kind of a career in public policy I’m interested in
  • The excellent admissions event made me realize it was a great, growing program.

What or where is your dream internship/job?

  • The World Bank working on development issues.
  • Capitol Hill working on science policy issues.
  • A start-up political campaign as a policy analyst/strategist.
  • Working for an NGO like Women for Women International.
  • U.S. State Department or a DC-based think tank.

If you could create a new Batten elective, what would it be?

  • The role of technology in shaping public policy.
  • “Running a Political Campaign”
  • Healthcare policy.
  • “Developing and Debunking Arguments”
  • Credits for research positions with a professors.

 Describe the Batten School in three words.

  • Helpful, professional, brave.
  • Young, enthusiastic, supportive.
  • Positive, driven, exciting.
  • Energized, growing, ambitious.
  • Pretty freakin’ awesome.
  • Thoughtful, resourceful, empowering.

Describe your class in three words.

  • Epic, diverse, interesting.
  • Talented, caring, engaged
  • United, excited, inspiring.
  • Harry Potter Experts.
  • Funny, intelligent, wild
  • Passionate, dedicated, brilliant.
  • Loud, determined, silly.

Post compiled by Aaron Chafetz (Acc. ’13) and Mary Drach



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Top 10: This Semester at Batten

Top 10 things we’re looking forward to during this semester at Batten

1. Watching President Obama’s State of the Union Address in Garrett Hall at 9 pm on Tuesday, January 24 – bring snacks!

2. Enjoying a three-course meal at some of Charlottesville’s most decadent restaurants in Charlottesville Restaurant Week (starting today through January 29)

3. Putting on your hard hats again for more Batten Builds events with Habitat for Humanity

4. Watching the “Batten Ballers” return in their quest for glory and the title of Intramural Sports Champions

5. Eating Mellow Mushroom pizza while listening to presentations by faculty candidates for policy analysis and economics positions

6. Enjoying a gourmet meal with friends and faculty in the Rotunda as we celebrate as a Batten community and say goodbye to the second years

7. Reading the new release of the Virginia Policy Review (be sure to submit your own articles for consideration this semester!)

8. Sharing a day in the sun at our very own plot at the Foxfield Races – even if you get your own plot, make sure to stop by and enjoy some snacks and drinks with Batten friends!

9. Feeling the sweet satisfaction and relief of submitting our final IPA/APP projects after tackling problems of intimate partner violence, lack of affordable housing, and home-grown terrorism

10. Walking down the Lawn for graduation in May as we celebrate a great semester at the Batten School!

Post by Mary Drach and Vanessa Orco

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