Batten Builds with Habitat for Humanity

Batten Council sponsored the second “Batten Builds” event last Friday with Habitat for Humanity. The morning shift – Maddie Bergner, Kaitlin Brennan (Acc. ’13),  Mary Drach, Breanna Gray, Susan Sainz, and Nathan Schelble (Acc. ’12) – arrived bright and early at 8:45 at the Sunrise Park site in Belmont, where Habitat is completing construction on three duplex homes. Families are planning to move into two of the duplexes within the next few weeks, and the third duplex should be completed by mid-January.

The Batten team, with Habitat site leaders Jake and Mary, spent the morning doing outdoor painting and caulking on the second and third floors of the house. Most of this work was done while balancing carefully on scaffolding.

“At first the height seemed daunting,” said Susan Sainz, “but we quickly got used to it once we were up there a while.”

Around noon, the afternoon group – David Cates, Sanjay Choudhury, Adam Gillenwater, Rob Panos, Drew Pyrak, Daniel Sater, and Kristen Sweaney (Acc. ’12) – came to take over for the rest of the day and continued the painting and caulking work.

Hope everyone looks forward to more Batten Builds events next semester!

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Post by Mary Drach

Photos courtesy of Susan Sainz and Kristen Sweaney (Acc. ’12)


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