IM Teams Make Playoff Push, Fall in Final Rounds

The fall intramural sports season came to a close last week as the Batten School’s basketball and soccer squads were knocked off late in the playoffs. The Batten Ballers, led by team captain Nathan Schelble (Acc. ’12), were 4-2 on the season and boasted impressive playoff wins down the stretch. They put up a strong showing but fell by four points in a gritty Elite Eight match-up Tuesday night. Batten FC and team captain Daniel Sater (Acc. ’12) finished 4-2-1 overall, pulling out a number of key victories off of penalty kicks. Their run ended Wednesday in the quarterfinal round. Both teams look forward to improving on the successes of the season.

“The IM basketball season was a success; our fiery and hard-working team exceeded expectations, beat talented teams, and improved every game.  We lost in the quarterfinals, but we were good enough to beat any team in the league.”


– Nathan Schelble, IM Basketball Captain

“Batten FC had a great season for outdoor soccer. We made it to the quarterfinals of the playoffs, eliminating three teams in very dramatic fashion. The biggest surprise was how well all three Batten classes came together to play as a team.”


– Daniel Sater, IM Soccer Captain

Post by Rob Panos

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