Second-Year Students Hit “Hole in One” with Golf Outing

Charlottesville, VA – Sunlight sifted through the summery autumn air Monday at Farmington Country Club, a short ten-minute drive from Central Grounds.  Wispy clouds crawled lazily along the Albemarle skyline and perfectly groomed fairways beckoned as three lucky Batten students enjoyed a highly anticipated afternoon of golf with Research Methods Professor Mike Moore.

David Cates, Drew Pyrak, and Matt Kragie (Acc. '12) join Professor Mike Moore for a round of golf at Farmington Country Club.

The extravagant golf excursion was just one of many sensational items up for auction at the second annual Batten Ball this past October.  Second year students Dave Cates, Matt Kragie and Drew Pyrak (Acc. ’12) placed the winning bid on what will undoubtedly become one of the most embellished Batten legends of our time.

The outing began with political small talk and witty econometrics banter over lunch at the Men’s Grill.  Professor Moore livened up the conversation with stories of family gatherings and tales of golf tournament victories in one tropical paradise or another.  His pearls of wisdom took the form of encouragement for life after college, assuring the students that there is more to the real world than backbreaking work that slows you down over the years.  “We don’t throw fastballs anymore,” Moore said, referring to his siblings and college buddies, “but we can still throw curveballs for strikes.”
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Matt Kragie exhibits perfect form as he chips onto the 9th green.

After tweaking their swings at the club driving range, the foursome hit the course outfitted with matching Charlottesville Partners hats.  All the daily stresses of the vigorous Batten curriculum were out of sight and out of mind Monday afternoon, as the golfers meandered leisurely through 18 holes and four hours of friendly competition.  Although Cates, Kragie and Pyrak put up a resilient fight – sinking a few pars and making some shots worthy of the ESPN highlight reel – Moore took the Batten students to school in more ways than one, shooting a cumulative 80 strokes and missing the fairway only twice the entire afternoon.  Fortunately, the students’ robust understanding of regression analysis set their minds at ease and allowed them to chalk the large margin of defeat up to confounding variables (e.g. age, years of experience, height etc.).

Professor Mike Moore blasts a shot into the proverbial sunset.

The sun set therapeutically over the Blue Ridge Mountains as the lively camaraderie migrated from the golf course back to Moore’s infamous crib.  Some refreshing beverages and nourishing snacks (generously furnished by the lovely Marian Moore) accompanied an already nostalgic recap of the day’s events.  Following an exclusive tour of the majestic residence, the students learned the origin of the nickname “Moose” and were treated to an epic tale of Moore’s near-death experience.  Sadly the evening came to a close, but the adventure was certainly one for the ages – a refreshing escape from reality – the eye of the storm that is Batten Student Life.

Post by Drew Pyrak (Acc. ’12)

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