Week-in-Review: Syria, Libya, and Vaccines

Last Wednesday, the Week-in-Review club met in Garrett to discuss international current events. Lilly Frost (Acc. ’12) first presented an update on the situation in Syria, which the group has chosen to pay special attention to throughout the semester.  This week, President Assad warned the international community not to intervene, saying it would cause an “earthquake” in Syria. There was also an interesting turn of events with Turkey taking a strong stance against Assad and siding with the opposition. At the next meeting, it will be interesting to see how Assad of Syria reacts to building international pressure and how the Turkey-Syria tension unfolds.

The next discussion, led by Elizabeth Libertini (Acc. ’12) , focused on recent political changes in Libya. The National Transition Council (NTC) had just elected a new prime minister – Abdurrahim el-Keib, a U.S.-educated engineer. Some worry that he may be too secular, which sparked group discussion about the possibility of sectarian troubles in Libya.

Sanjay Choudhury (Acc. ’12) ended the group’s meeting with a presentation on immunization in the developing world. Based on a Forbes article, there is not 100% immunization coverage for diseases like malaria, even when there is an adequate supply of vaccines. The group discussed possible reasons for incomplete coverage: inappropriate health infrastructure for distribution, incomplete information about vaccine benefits, and high opportunity costs to get vaccines (e.g., missing work and lost income because of travel to vaccine distribution site).

Week-in-Review’s next meeting will be Wednesday, November 16 at 1 pm in Garrett Hall.

Post by Mary Drach

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  1. Glad to see Week-in-Review is still going strong! Keep up the good work, guys and gals!

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